Project History

You can’t really know where you are going

until you know where you have been.
Maya Angelou

Amazon Pueblo’s founder first visited the indigenous village of La Libertad in December of 2009 as a tourist.  La Libertad is located in the Colombian Amazon.  The difficulty of the life in the village due to extreme poverty was directly opposed by the outward happiness of the people.

The village was founded in 1995 by five families seeking a village free from violence and oppression.  While the village has made some improvements in their standard of living, they still have frequent problems of poor employment opportunities, substandard education, poor healthcare, and substance abuse.  Amazon Pueblo strives to help the people of La Libertad, and surrounding communities, to solve their own problems by supporting the education of the youth.

Many of the timeline entries after 2010 have links to their original blog posts.  Please read these if you would like more details!

December, 2009
The first time we arrived in La Libertad
December, 2009

First Contact

Founder of Amazon Pueblo arrives in the village of La Libertad for a four-day village homestay and jungle hike.  He noted many conditions of poverty, but also the vast resources and possibilities of the area.

September, 2010
September, 2010

Class at University of Maine

Amazon Pueblo founder takes a class at the University of Maine, Augusta (Rockland Center), Human Ecology & the Future.  The final project for the class involved making a website to highlight the ecological challenges found in the village and some possible solutions.

November, 2010
November, 2010

Planning for the future

The project goes forward!  Deciding to try to implement the plan to help the village, a group of childhood friends joins the effort which will become Amazon Pueblo.  We raised money to build a guest house, buy a solar battery charger, and talked to the community of La Libertad to discuss ways to proceed.