The Amazon Pueblo Team

talking to the people of La Libertad


Benjamin Angulo, Thomaston, ME -President and project director

Mark Brooks, Thomaston, ME -Vice president

Julie Brooks, Thomaston, ME -Secretary

Dianne Russo-Harris, Searsport, ME -Treasurer

Patrick Mellor, Union, ME -Board member

Crystal Angulo-Garcia, Long Beach, CA -Board member


Gina Torres, Montería, Colombia -Board member

Gustavo Cadenas, La Libertad, Amazonas -Village shaman, tour guide, and main contact in La Libertad

Alirio Caisara, La Libertad, Amazonas -Village curaca (mayor)

And our volunteers

Thank you to the over 30 volunteer we have had from North and South America, and Europe!  Without you we would never have accomplished everything we have done.

Governance/Financial Records and Transparency

At Amazon Pueblo we believe in transparency in our efforts to accomplish our mission. On this page we provide access to our governing documents, federal tax documents, and information about our directors and other people associated with the project.

gathering clay to build an oven