What is the Volunteer Support Program?

The volunteer support program is the part of Amazon Pueblo that makes everything possible. Without the support of our volunteer we would not be able to effective deliver our Business Development Program, and to fulfill our mission.

The Volunteer Support Program:

  • Recruits new volunteers
  • Help the volunteer experience to be successful


In more detail

We provide support to our volunteer at four different times; pre-trip, upon arrival in Leticia (when staff is available), while in the village, and when they go back home.

Before arriving in Colombia:

  • Setting a volunteer date
  • Advice for travel plans
  • Vaccination and heath care advice
  • A packing list
  • The contact information for previous volunteers
  • Notifying the village of the volunteer’s stay

When in Leticia (if a project representative is available) we can:

  • Meet the volunteer at the airport
  • Help them find a place to stay
  • Help them to buy food, water, and items needed for their stay in the village
  • Help them buy a ticket on the speedboat to La Libertad (at certain times we may be able to transport a volunteer with the project’s boat)

While volunteer is in the village we provide:

  • Free housing
  • Mattress, sheet, towel, and pillow
  • Access to clean water
  • Access to a kitchen with a stove, cookware, food storage options, and washing station
  • A shower area
  • A toilet
  • Option for a volunteer-paid translator

After the volunteer experience:

  • Access to our blog to make travel and informational posts
  • Health care advice on illnesses and parasites
  • Continued communication with the project