Business Development

Sustainable business development is the key to bringing self-sufficiency and hope to the village.

We believe that the three areas which may be addressed to most successfully achieve our goals are:

1) Exploring agricultural production following sustainable, rain forest-friendly practices

2) Education, health, and infrastructure improvements needed to support the development of sustainable business

3) Assisting the villagers to access resources from the local government, development agencies, and volunteers

We have helped to improved the infrastructure of the village, and have made positive contacts with the local government. Where do we go from here to achieve our mission? Action in small-scale business!


Some Ideas for Future Business Development

Projects that may bring income to the village are:
  • yuca processing plant (in progress)
  • cacao cultivation (in progress)
  • beekeeping
  • trades in handcrafts
  • fruit and vegetable cultivation
  • small scale fabrication
  • ecotourism
  • homestay programs
  • fishing
  • biofuel production
The volunteer may research a project at home, seek funding, and visit the village to help implement their ideas. Support might also be given to volunteers within the village or to a project that has already been started.