The Amazon Pueblo project is dedicated to helping educate indigenous youth of the Colombian Amazon to develop sustainable business.

So, what do we actually do to accomplish our mission?

We support students in the Colombian Amazon to stay in school, excel in their academic studies, and to learn about sustainable business.  Our Student Scholarship Program provides scholarships, academic support, and educational seminars to the village students.


Give people fish, feed them for a day.  Teach people to fish, feed them for a lifetime.

To fundraise and simply give the people of the Amazon “things” is not a sustainable model for our organization.  The best way to promote sustainability in the village of La Libertad, and throughout the region, is through socially conscious business.  

We believe the best way for us to accomplish our mission is to focus on a good foundation of education and values, combined with a program to teach the practices of sustainable business.  This is what will truly improve the lives of the people.  It will take time, but we are looking for a permanent solution to the problems of extreme poverty.  These solution do not happen quickly, or only by giving things.