The Amazon Pueblo project is dedicated to helping indigenous villages of the Colombian Amazon to live sustainably through the development of socially conscious business.  The Yagua community of La Libertad is the first village in which we work.


So, what do we actually do to accomplish our mission?

We have two main programs; the Business Development Program and the Volunteer Support Program.  We also have a smaller Student Scholarship Program that provides scholarships to eight village students.


Give people fish, feed them for a day.  Teach people to fish, feed them for a lifetime.

To fund-raise and simply give the people of the Amazon "things" is not a sustainable model for our organization.  The best way to promote sustainability in the village of La Libertad, and throughout the region, is through socially conscious business.  The underused human capital of the village, and region, is seeking the opportunity to work and trade.  The resources of the Amazon are great. 

We believe the best way for us to accomplish our mission is by helping the villagers to help themselves.  We listen to what the people say they want and need, analyze the information, look for opportunities in the region and abroad, and help the people to organize and act.