Amazon Clinic

There are limited first aid supplies in the village. Most general medical supplies can be purchased in the city of Leticia. Bring what you need.

We are looking for people to help with healthcare in the village. Dentists, optometrist, nurses, and doctors are always needed and appreciated. What might also be of help are little informal health classes. It is important for the people can learn about infection, disease, and basic first aid. Not boring classes, but interactive simulations.

Amazon School

The volunteers can teach English or math. We have had volunteers also teach things as diverse as singing, circus skills, art, and gardening.

Data Gathering

Additionally if volunteers can gather some information about the number of people who live in the village and their approximate ages, and their occupations, and health, it would be very valuable. The volunteers can receive assistance from the villagers to collect the data. The volunteer could then put this into a report format. This data is very helpful to understand which services the village needs.

Community Garden

We are helping the village to develop small community gardens. These will be in raised beds. The villagers do not grow, and eat very little vegetables. Some of the villagers, especially the children, have vitamin deficiencies related to their limited diet. We are looking for volunteers to help construct, make compost, mix soil, start seedlings, plant, and tend the community gardens.

Computers and Internet

We have a possibility of a satellite internet connection in the village. This is located in the school of La Libertad. The hours are around 4pm to 7pm –but these change frequently. The internet system does not always work. We need people experienced in computers and networking to help us to get this working.

Composting Human Waste

Composting toilets would be great! This may be the ultimate solution to contaminated water in the village. Here is a link to the Humanure Handbook,, which explains this in more detail. If we do not have composting toilets, another method for sanitation must be found. We need help coming up with a system that will work.

Kiln and Cooking Oven

Exploring options to building a kiln to fire pottery and ceramic water filters. This is an extensive project.  Maybe Potters for Peace could help with this project.

There has also been some interest in building brick or mud oven in which bread may be baked. This idea is very popular in the village.


Explore the options for producing biofuel locally. Here is a link to the dissertation of one of our future volunteers, A Role for Biofuels in the Drug Wars.

Water System

Solar water disinfection? Slow water filter system? UV Purification? Rain water harvesting? Drilling a well? All these are options that we may explore with a volunteer’s help.

Exploring options for drilling a well. A percussion drilled well may be the easiest to install, but we are looking for someone to explore this project in greater detail. Here is a link to a site that compares jetting and other well-drilling methods, Jetting and other methods, and a site that gives detailed instructions on the percussion method, Percussion Methods

Solar Power System

Exploring and installing additional solar power cells, a storage battery (preferably a deep cycle AGM (absorbent glass mat) battery, a power regulator and inverter, and a simple electrical system (wires, switches, four low energy light bulbs, and an electrical outlet). This will allow us to set up a simple lighting network, a cell phone and data signal amplifier, a battery charging station, and power for a small netbook or other small electrical devices.

Community Boat

Another idea is a project to find funding to buy an 8 meter aluminum boat with at least a 15hp outboard motor (the project currently has a 15hp motor, but it is only for use by the project or the Association of Fishers and Farmers or for emergencies). The cost of this is equal to about $8,500USD when bought new in Leticia. They want the boat to provide transportation to the city for buying trips, appointments, and medical emergencies. We need volunteers to help undertake the fundraising efforts to buy a boat.

The project bought a 12 meter wooden boat (in April of 2017) to be used for cargo and business. However, this is very slow and expensive to use for small transportation needs.