One Today Google donation program

Google One Today is a program that collects donations on mobile devices and online. They accept small donations of $1 up to $100. This is crowdfunding at its most basic level.

An added benefit of One Today is that all transaction costs are covered by Google. 100% of your donation goes towards helping the youth of the Amazon!

Join us in our three campaigns on One Today by following the links below each description.


Christmas Dinner for Indigenous Children

Did you know…

In 2013 three-fourths of the children of La Libertad, Colombia ate only one small meal on Christmas day.

The indigenous village of La Libertad is located in the Colombian Amazon, along the banks of the Amazon River. Its population is 300 people, including 200 children under 18 years of age. The average wage in La Libertad is under 2 dollars a day. Christmas dinners do not happen. This year we hope to have a delicious, nutritious chicken dinner with mixed vegetables, rice, soup, juice, and cookies.

Give a child a Christmas dinner

Well Water for Indigenous Children

Did you know…

The Center for Disease Control estimates that 801,000 children less than 5 years of age die from diarrhea each year, mostly in developing countries.

How you can help

Each year indigenous children in the village of La Libertad (Amazonas Colombia), mostly babies, die from dehydration (diarrhea/vomiting) directly caused by contaminated water. We will drill a well to provide them with clean drinking water.

Help a child to drink clean water

Educate  Indigenous Amazonian Children

Did you know…

The village of La Libertad has not had a single child graduate from the local public education system during its 22 year history.

How you can help

La Libertad is an indigenous village of 388 people located in the Colombian Amazon, west of the city of Leticia. Many families cannot afford the costs needed to attend the local schools. We provided uniforms, school supplies, and the support the students need to stay in school and to work towards graduation.

Help to educate an indigenous child